The Psalter is Complete!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the Kintail Psalter Project! For those who don’t know, last spring we put a call out for handwritten Psalms for the purpose of compiling them into a book of Psalms (or a Psalter). We received 52 beautiful entries from the Kintail community this past year, each with their own unique style, as well as some lovely personal reflections. Some also included some amazing artwork- we have talented artists in our midst!

We are happy to report that we just received a box of the finished books in the mail! We will be putting a Psalter in each of the rooms in the Lodge and Nest, as well as Feathers Cottage, so make sure you check it out next time you come to stay! We hope guests to camp will find hope and encouragement when they read through the Psalms, and recognize some familiar names too- maybe even their own! Here are a few sneak peeks of the book (click to enlarge):

Our sincere thanks once again to all who took part in The Psalter Project! You helped make a book that people at Kintail will read for years to come, and be reminded of the joy and hope we have in God through all circumstances, and of the strength of being in community. Even during a historical moment that kept us apart physically, we were not alone- and we created something wonderful together! Thank you!