The Progression of the Ice

By March 22, 2010Off-season

It is now spring!  Hurrah!  We are busy getting everything ready for the summer and are even doing work on the site already.  This is possible as it has been a very mild winter.  There was very little snow in Huron County and it was not as cold as it normally is during the winter.

This is the beach at the beginning of January.

This is the beach in mid-February.  Just two years ago, Lake Huron froze over completely.  Here you can see that Lake Huron was not even close this year!

This is the beach in mid-March.  There is almost no ice to be seen!

It won’t be long before Polar Bear Dip season!  Bring your bathing suits to Camp Opening on April 24th.

One Comment

  • Ethan Bacon Brown says:

    ill be starting the year off right with a polar dip for sure! ill make slopey slope do it too.