The Office: Kintail Edition by Chickadee

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Over the past two years as Head Counsellor at camp, I’ve had the pleasure of occupying a desk in the office. Although sometimes we’re too stressed out, speak too loudly while someone else is on the phone, we always find time to make each other laugh and be goofy. Whether it’s the countless times I’ve prank called Turkey, Hyrda’s giggles, or Titan’s dancing, I am so thankful to work with such a fun group of coworkers and friends.

So now, I present to you… The Office: Kintail Edition

Hydra: Oscaar Martinez

  • She has her life in order, but also may lose her mind at any moment.

Turkey: Dwight Schrute

  • The man is just SO prankable, but when it comes down to it he is loyal to his friends and cares about his work more than anything.

Titan: Kevin Malone

  • He’s a big teddy bear, and one of the goofiest people around the office.

Flame: Pam Beesly

  • She’s the voice of reason… but is also always down to prank and joke around with you.

Crash: Jim Halpert

  • Does his job exceptionally without taking himself too seriously. The master of those cold camera staredowns. Also, him and Flame are the office power couple (sorry Zucchini).

Banana: Kelly Kapour

  • She is cheerful and chipper at all hours of the day!

Chickadee: Bob Vance

  • Jabiru’s soulmate.

Jabiru: Phyllis

  • Chickadee’s soulmate.

Ciel: Jan Levinson

  • An overall super cool, independent, powerful woman who will tell you like it is.

Zircon: Stanley Hudson

  • He’s already a retired old man.

Stegosaurus: Michael Scott

  • I don’t think this requires a lot of explanation.

Igneous: Toby Flenderson

  • Calm, collected, and kind. Her goal is to always help you solve your problems.

Meerkat: Andy Bernard

  • A zany, goofy man.

Argonaut: Darryl Philbin

  • Honestly, the man is just really cool.

Aqua: Holly Flax

  • The sweetest bean you will ever meet.


What do you guys think?
Kind regards,

Maddie “Chickadee” Krusto