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There is no denying that Kintail is gorgeous, its sunsets are marvelous the night sky is breathtaking. The campsite in general is just beautiful. I have been coming to Kintail since I was 4 years old and I am always blown away by how wonderful it always looks. This year I made it my personal mission to see as many beautiful things at camp. I got the chance to see several sunsets that were incredible. Sat under the night sky and just stargazed which turned out to be my favorite pastime on weekends off.  I got to watch Kintails very own Garden of Eden grow. But I think that the most beautiful thing that I have seen here has to be the Kintail staff they are by far the most caring, passionate, hard working people that I have ever met. They aren’t just coworkers but friends and family, which in my opinion make them all beautiful inside and out. Now my challenge for you next time you are at Kintail is to see how many beautiful things you can spot.

Sincerely Jessie “Mouffette” Villeneuve