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The Most Beautiful Office at Kintail by Armadillo

By December 5, 2012Uncategorized

Hi, it’s your neighbourhood Armadillo, reporting from the most beautiful office at Camp Kintail; the paddle shack! This past summer has been a super awesome, super warm, and super beautiful one! Every week we have been lucky enough to have a mix of wavy and flat water- which has been great for canoeing and kayaking. At camp, during our sessions, all our campers have an opportunity to learn how to be safe in the water, and how to manoeuvre in a canoe or kayak.
One of my favourite things about being waterfront and watercraft director this summer, was seeing campers get into canoes and kayaks for the very first time here at camp. As a camper myself, camp was the place I learned to paddle, and where I wanted to become a lifeguard. I remember looking up at that guard chair (which is a lot shorter now than I remember) and wanting to sit up there one day with a walkie and sunglasses.  Armadillo