The Many Costumes of Talus

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October personally was one of my favorite months growing up. Sure it’s not the summer, but by the time October rolls around school is already well underway and everyone is ready for a long weekend. However the best part of October must be Halloween. The candy is great, but that’s fleeting. Lets get real; it’s gone by mid November. In my family the best part of Halloween is the costumes. Pretending to be someone (or something) that your not is really quite special. A strong and detailed costume adds to the imagination of the wearer. Especially if they put hours into making it look the way it does.

This past summer I dressed up many times for theme skits and evening programming. I have been; an old man who is looking to retain his Olympic titles through sabotage, a hobbit, a villainous doctor who is looking for the kingdom of god, the celebrated Sherlock Holmes, a Jedi, a rampaging eco-warrior called Recyclops, a military figure known as Private Beals, and finally a pirate called Captain Tiberius and his trusty parrot Tulane. These characters are so much fun to be because they are each so unique. To me camp and themes are a great way to be a little bit silly. It’s always so much fun to see campers on parade after a quick trip to the Tickle Trunk or a senior cabin dress up just for fun at a dinner. It shows unity within a cabin group, and that is something special.

A hint for this upcoming Halloween is to never shy away from the small details that make a costume great. Add the small things like the cheap tacky belt or the ripped pants. It’s the small things that make a costume super realistic. Another hint is to go to the second-hand stores rather than buying an already assembled costume. These tend to fit better and if your wise about your trick-or-treating it may score you some extra candy. Which can never be a bad thing.

Have a great October and Happy Halloween



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  • Beluga says:

    Talus – It was super delightful to see you in all your various costumes this summer. There’s nothing like seeing the dread pirate Captain Tiberius leading small children on nature walks…it never failed to make me smile. You rock, sir!