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The Kintail Bunnies

By December 11, 2013Uncategorized

Hey friends! Tide here to tell you all about the adorable Kintail bunnies! They had a wonderful summer! We had six bunnies (five brown and one albino) donated by the Roth family this year, all female. Their names were the word “rabbit” in six different languages. Though the bunnies weren’t as cuddly as I would have liked, the kids still enjoyed being around them and getting to pet them when I was able to pick one up.

Their names were as  follows:

Toki – Korean

Sungura – Kenyan

Zayek – Bulgarian

Kunic – Croatian

Tho – Vietnamese

Kanina – Icelandic

The bunny cage also got a bit of a renovation this year! It was moved back from it’s original area to a more shaded spot. I also painted the bunny hutch with the help of Talus and Zucchini! I think the future bunnies will be very happy there!

All in all, the bunnies had a fantastic summer. I loved taking care of them and watching them get friendlier and friendlier.

With love for all the bunnies,