The Importance of De-briefing by Liatris

By December 22, 2014Staff, Summer Camp Programming


During the summer I ran a lot of the adventure elements at camp.  But this wasn’t the only part of running elements.  After each using each element at camp we do something called debriefing.  This is super important for many reasons.  Debriefing is when at the end of each element the group talks about things that worked well with their group as well as what they could improve on.  This is important because it allows the group to reflect on what they just did.  Also you can relate the lessons you learned while completing that element to real life. Some of these lessons include having great communication, teamwork and listening skills, all which are very important and relatable to places other than camp.  Debriefing is a great way to round out an element and allow the children to understand why we have done the activity.

Peace to All

Catharine “Liatris” Young