The Impact of Camp by Zucchini

Hello camp family!

Throughout my years at camp, I have been fortunate to witness the incredible impact camp has had on campers, LITs and staff’s lives. I’m sure you all have as well!

Although we all know the impact of camp personally, the American Camp Association is currently pursuing research to understand how and why camp has such an impact on children and adults alike. This 5-Year study will be incredibly useful to camps across the world striving to create a lasting impact on campers lives.

Take a look at the recent exploratory findings of Phase 1 of the study through conversations with camp alumni. As you read, think about if you yourself have witnessed any of these themes throughout your time at camp:

1. Camp is a key context for developing relationship skills, even beyond the camp experience

2. Camp is an integral part of a young person’s overall learning

3. Camp promotes transferable skills beyond school and work contexts

4. Camp is a safe space for young people to explore who they are

5. Camp provides an opportunity to get to know and understand people of different opinions, values and abilities


Are you interested in hearing more about the study? Check out more on the American Camp Association’s Website.

How do you think your experience at camp has influenced you?

Take care,