The Great Marshmallow Debate

What is better, a burnt marshmallow or a golden marshmallow? The girls of Evergreen argue the following:

In Favour of Burnt Marshmallows

Burnt marshmallows are the superior marshmallow and here is why.

  • The burnt marshmallow shell compliments the gooey center very nicely
  • Unlike golden marshmallows, burnt marshmallows are always cooked and very gooey
  • They are easy, quick, and convenient to cook
  • Burnt marshmallows are satisfying to blow out
  • Burnt marshmallows melt the chocolate in s’mores

In conclusion, the burnt marshmallows are 10 X better.

In Favour of the Golden Marshmallow

Golden marshmallows are an art-form, and they are a much better choice than a burnt marshmallow.

  • It takes patience and practice and is therefore more rewarding when you get it right
  • The taste and texture is far superior to a burnt marshmallow
  • Golden mallows are slightly crispy on the outside with warm gooeyness on the inside
  • You do not get a burnt chocolate taste with a golden marshmallow
  • When making a s’more you get a wonderful sticky tasty mess that melts the chocolate
  • There is no crumbling and flaking from a golden marshmallow

This proves that the golden brown is the undeniable best of marshmallows.

What do you think? Show us your marshmallow roasting prowess the next time you visit camp!

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