The Craft Cubby by Talus

By January 28, 2013Uncategorized

In the spring one of the biggest jobs is cleaning the craft cubby. It takes plenty of time and is super taxing. The craft cubby is the heart of the arts and crafts program here at camp. Many donations end up going here. It’s my job to sort and create an orderly system to store these supplies.  The cubby consists of three shelves, floor space and underneath several countertops. In total it took me three weeks until I had organized the craft cubby the way I felt would work best for me. Now at the end of the summer I can proudly say that the cubby looks the same as it did in late May.

Through doing this job I have learned to be a more creative problem solver and a more visual based person. Art brought me to Express Camp many years ago, and I have made it my goal to give all campers the best experience whenever they choose arts and crafts. This year campers have made: dragon flies, colonial lanterns, wind chimes, tie-dye, toilet paper animals, craft canisters, cabin signs, fire starters and many other exciting crafts. It’s through creative moments that anyone can feel the Holy Spirit move, through art, or dance, or song. I believe that creating something is emulating God, the original creative mind.

The arts and crafts program thrives off of your generous donations, and like most summers certain things need to be restocked for the New Year. Friends, if you would consider spending a half an hour to look for the following items Camp would greatly appreciate it.

Pipe cleaners, beads (especially wooden beads), sealable tins, small yogurt containers, assorted markers (any kind), foam craft sheets, googly eyes, doll pins, tissue paper, construction paper, any spare white shirts for tie-dye, wire, glue sticks, hemp

Thank you once again, God Bless