The Camp Directors by Mercury

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For Theresa & I, this will be our seventh summer directing Camp Kintail together, and it will be our 10 year anniversary of directing at Presbyterian Camps together.  We have worked with and met so many wonderful people.  We are often asked if we mind moving out of our house for 6 months of the year, or how we keep our sanity managing 80 teenage staff.  The truth is we organize and plan every winter, eagerly waiting for the end of April when the staff will arrive to start work and we will move to our cabin at camp.  From May to October, we start work early, end work late in the evening, and are commonly woken in the night to help a staff or camper.  Yet there is no better, more fulfilling job, and we thank God for the time we spend with the Camp Kintail staff, campers & volunteers each year.

Trill & Merc

Picture is Mercury & Trillium, Camp Directors, Summer 2013