Thanks to our Board Chair!

By August 13, 2010Staff

As many of you may know, Camp Kintail has a Board that is responsible for the policy and procedures of Camp Kintail.  We have a hard working and dedicated board, which has been convened by Todd Beneteau for many years.  He is well loved by the staff and we are always happy when one of the Beneteau family is at camp.  In addition to convening the Board, Todd works hard at maintaining all our computers and our network.  At Family Camp Todd even got to participate in an old Kintail tradition, which is if a staff member was caught with their elbows on the table they have to run around the Lodge and get water thrown on them.  Thanks to Todd for being such a great sport and a wonderful convenor! 

Clarah Beneteau – starting early with her Kintail connection!