Thanks to Goderich Men’s Fellowship!

By May 13, 2011Uncategorized, Staff

Hello friends!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to once again work with the Knox Goderich Men’s Fellowship. This is the third year I have been able to work with them during the spring, and each year it is a great experience! In 2009 I helped them cut down trees and haul wood around camp, and was even taught how to use a chainsaw! That was certainly a highlight of my summer. And while I don’t think I’d be very good with a chainsaw today (at no fault of my teachers), I can now truthfully say that I know how to cut down a tree! Then last year I helped them and the staff who were here in June pile firewood that they brought to us. Every year the Men’s Fellowship blesses us with several loads of firewood that we use all summer making campfires that keep us warm, cook our food, and helps us grow closer together through time spent singing and telling stories.

Which brings us to this year! Yesterday Wombat, Zabrini, Yeti and I took a mini road-trip to Knox Forest, where we helped to split firewood and load trailers. We all learned how to use a wood splitter (which was super cool), and built some new muscles passing around logs of firewood and loading them onto trailers. The wood was then brought to camp, so we can have lots of fires in MacKay Hall, the Glen, the Meadow, and the Lodge all spring and summer! So look forward to campfires in the near future! And thanks again to the Knox Goderich Men’s Fellowship for all they do for us here at camp!