Thanks for the love Kintail friends!

A Guitar sits propped against a bench while people in the distance sing.

Thanks for an amazing summer (so far)!

It’s hard to believe that the summer is nearing it’s end! We have had such a wonderful time with our Day Campers and guests for a Week Away, and hope that you get to experience the magic of Kintail for yourselves sometime soon! At the end of the week it’s sad to say goodbye to friends old and new, and it always warms our hearts when folks reach out with kind words once they’ve gone home! Here are just a few notes we’ve received that we wanted to hold onto and share.

Thank you to all of our amazing guests, alumni, campers, and friends for making Kintail an especially special place.

Once again I enjoyed my stay in The Nest and the amenities of the camp and area. Morning Chapel was a great start to the day and the camp fire songs and skits were fun. The were a few oldies I knew and lots of new songs too. The repeating songs and actions made it easy to join in.

I hope that whenever the normal overnight camping season resumes ( next year?), there might be options for other people to stay at The Nest concurrently. Perhaps this is already under consideration.
I went over to Coastal Coffee on Friday morning and got talking to a couple of interested cottagers about your dinners.
Thanks again for a wonderful stay!
Mary Ellen

Dear Theresa and Johnathon.

Another wonderful break for both Martha and me this summer at Camp Kintail.  What a treat it is to be totally free of responsibility and have all our needs taken care of. Although our table mates were 6 feet distanced, we did manage to talk to them and make ‘new friends. For me,it was good to meet Dean Morrison again.  We remembered each other from other times at Family Weekends.

My great accomplishment this time was to ‘fly’ on the flying squirrel.  I now have bragging rights to share with my grandkids.

Again, the food was amazing, the pressure non-existent, and the cool temperature sleeps welcome. All of the staff were gracious, helpful and friendly towards us.

Thank you for all you do to keep Kintail updated, welcoming and sustainable. You are a gift to our church in the way that you appear to complement each other in providing the best ever camping experience possible for all of us.


Dear Theresa and Johnathon.

I would like to add my words of thanks to those of Jeanette. It was truly wonderful to join your Kintail family for a few days again this year. We always feel so welcomed and exceptionally well cared for by your fabulous staff. Kintail feels like a little bit of heaven on this earth.
Thank you.
Hi all you wonderful Kintail staff,
A quick note to say many thanks for your wonderful  hospitality! Everything was absolutely phenomenal. The cabin selection was super great, a fire in the woods is always magical, loved the adventures with all the activities…the ropes & the wall were particularly something. Our arms & legs are sore but definitely way fitter thanks to Craig! Cameron, made me scream my way down the chute…couldn’t have brought myself to do that. I am glad I did!
Until next time, enjoy the rest of the summer and stay well
Beatrice, Joseph, Neema & Makena


I didn’t have a chance to say, goodbye and a big THANK YOU to the awesome bunch at Camp Kintail! You all are such a dedicated, hard working and friendly bunch. The grounds are beautiful and compliments to the chef’s for great meals. We all enjoyed ourselves and felt like being a kid at times – rock painting and going down the slide in the sleds!
Hope to visit again in the future and even go to one of the women’s retreats.
Have a good remaining Summer and my sincere thanks.

Can’t wait to see you again!