Thank You to Chalmers Presbyterian, Hamilton!

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A huge thank you to the Sunday School of Chalmer’s Presbyterian Church in Hamilton for raising money for our campership program!  Below is a letter from one of the co-ordiantors:


Our Sunday School children (and leaders) hosted an event on June 24th to raise money for the Kintail Campership Program. The final total is still being calculated; however, I believe its around the $500 mark.

We named our event: Camp Day Lunch Buffet for Kintail’s Camperships Program, and made signs which we posted in our church and church hall (copy attached for interest sake), then for 3 Sundays before the event, the children went up during the service dressed in camping gear (life jacket, fishing rod, canoe paddle, etc.) and presented a brief “commercial” where they described Camp Kintail and the importance of children attending camp, ending with an invitation to all to attend our fundraising event….the congregation loved it!

We have a small congregation, and on average, we see about 80 – 100 people each week. I estimate that 70 people attended our Camp Day Lunch, and it was a great success!!!

Lunch included: hotdogs with many different toppings (onions, tomatoes, pickles, cheese, green & red peppers), chili (could be added to their hotdog or separately), and for desert we had S’mores Brownies (they were delicious…I’m also attaching the recipe if you’re interested) and slices of watermelon. We decorated our church hall with checkered tablecloths on the tables and the children made paper laterns as centerpieces, which we illuminated with battery operated votives. We even had a tent setup to complete the whole “camping” feel. Of course a large sign was made and the children had blast putting their hands in paint to decorate their sign….it looked great, even with the spelling mistake in Kintail (not Kintale)….

On behalf of the Chalmers’ Sunday School children and leaders, we wish you all the best, and we hope this camping season is filled with wonderful camping memories!

Kind Regards,

Nicole Carmichael
Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Hamilton