Talus and the LIT Trips

By August 18, 2014Uncategorized

Hello all. This past year has been great for Lit trips around southwestern Ontario. Both the July and Mid-summer Lit groups went to the Bruce trail. Together we hiked from Crane lake road in to both High dump and Stormhaven with the final day being spent at the Grotto in Cyprus Lake.


Both groups went to a shallow beach known as Singing Sands along Lake Huron and both groups spent time growing together. Both groups worked well as a team and got through all aspects of the hiking trip. From rainy days in K1 to mushy pasta in K6, the Lits have experienced it all. One of my favorite moments from trip was being able to sleep outside at High Dump. I slept on a rocky beach (known as a shingle) and woke up at four in the morning to the Perseid Meteor shower. I don’t think you can get a better night sky anywhere. If you are going into Grade 11 in the autumn of 2015, consider the Lit program as a perfect way to spend part of your summer. Enjoy the school year!