Talus and the four to one pulley system

By July 28, 2014Uncategorized


Could you imagine accessing the high ropes course without ever stepping on a ladder? It’s possible, and if you are lucky you might just have the opportunity to experience this during the next high ropes session. The 4 to 1 pulley system is a separate piece of rigging that can be attached to any useable belay cable to offer greater variety when accessing the course. It works by utilizing the mechanical advantage of four pulleys to lift a quarter of the weight of the participant into the air. However in order to do this, the participant must pull in four metres of rope in order to be lifted one metre into the air. This requires plenty of stamina in order to reach the top. Thankfully, it’s possible for others to help raise the participant into the air by pulling in rope. Through using the four to one system, participants who dislike climbing ladders (or who are looking for a challenge) can enjoy the high ropes course in a new manner.