Take Me Outside Day!

We believe in a future in which spending time outside playing, exploring and learning is a regular and significant part of every student’s day. – Take Me Outside Day Mission

It’s  “Take Me Outside Day” and we hope that not just children but everyone remembers to enjoy some time in nature (or at least get some fresh air)! Here are some ways to take advantage of the day and make sure everyone gains all of the benefits of spending time out in the big wide world!

For Parents

Take advantage of the season! Go on a hunt for interesting leaves, carve pumpkins outside (get some fresh air and keep the mess somewhere easy to clean!), visit a local park or go for a walk to the library then see what creative spaces your child can find to read in! Up a tree? In a fort? The world is theirs to explore!

For Educators

Take a few moments between lessons for a quick game! “Human Knot” or any small game your students can work collaboratively is a great way to get outside and grow together! Conduct a science experiment, create an art project with found items, use side-walk chalk for math problems, the opportunities are endless and there are great resources available from “Take Me Outside” here.

For Churches

Start your programming with a prayer outside! Give everyone time to explore what is in the area around them, then in the opening prayer include space for people to shout out things they are thankful for that God has created. This is an easy way to get outside for any evening youth-groups, or at the start of Sunday School!