Sunrise & Sunset by Zabrini

By December 7, 2012Uncategorized

Hello Kintail Lovers!

One of my favourite parts about working at camp Kintail are the amazing sunsets you can see over Lake Huron. On the last full day at camp, the August LITs decided to watch the sunrise and sunset  on the same day. We woke up super early, walked out the lane and got some amazing pictures!


After a full day of activities we finished off the day with a campfire and banana boats on the beach. Of course there were lots of sunset pictures!

My favourite moment this summer was when the LITs went kayaking right after dinner. We were able to watch the sun set while out in the lake and it was absolutely amazing.

I am already counting down the days until I can come back to Kintail. You should all come too, and hopefully you’ll have time to see a sunset!

See you all soon,