Being a part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada gives children and adults a unique camping experience – a Christian camping experience!  At Kintail, campers start and end the day with God… starting with a campwide chapel service and ending with a devotion to God with their cabin groups.  As well, once a day, campers celebrate their faith during FLASH (Faith, Learning and Sharing), which is a child-orientated Bible study full of fun, games, singing and learning!   At Kintail we take joy in celebrating our faith together, in a fun and accepting outdoor setting!

The theme for the Summer of 2018 was “Water of Life”. Campers were challenged to appreciate the importance of water in our daily lives. Throughout the bible, we’re reminded about how important water is as well as the many lessons Jesus was able to teach us using water:


The Water of Life is a Gift
Genesis 1:1 – 2:2 (Creation)


The Water of Life Washes us Clean
Mark 1:4-11 (Jesus is baptized)


The Water of Life Quenches our Thirst
John 4:3-29 (Jesus and the Woman at the Well)


The Water of Life Heals Us
John 9:1-11 (Jesus heals the blind man)


The Water of Life Restores our Soul
Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd)