Summer Bucket List

By June 29, 2014Uncategorized

Bucket List

Hello everyone, Zabrini here!

Now that the summer is starting it is always so exciting to think of all the activities we can start doing with campers. This summer marks my 14th year at Kintail, and every year I am amazed at the programs and opportunities that we have to offer. This spring I made a short list of what I consider to be “quintessential” Kintail activities and I challenge you all to give some of these a try:

  1. Get up early for a polar dip
  2. Put a slug on your tongue during a nature hike
  3. Try to climb the high ropes or rockwall
  4. Lead a song at campfire
  5. Run the lane
  6. Shoot a bulls-eye during archery
  7. Go paddle-boarding at sunset
  8. Roast the perfect marshmallow at campfire
  9. Catch a cabin with their elbows on the table
  10. Eat a dessert without any hands
  11. Find the kintail tail
  12. Tag a counsellor during primetime
  13. Create the perfect juice combination
  14. Learn something new in FLASH
  15. Complete three adventure elements
  16. Count how many steps it takes to climb the beach stairs
  17. Pet the bunnies
  18. Eat something from the garden
  19.  Feel God’s presence
  20.  Have fun and make friends

I hope you enjoyed my personal Kintail summer bucket list. We can’t wait to see you at camp this summer!