Stork: Working With Tide.

By September 5, 2015Staff

Tide has been my teammate this entire camp season, we are the social media team. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her on all the social media websites, with pictures and videos. She has kept me sane through the many hours of editing and posting of photos and videos. We both have loved our job this year but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some vices.

I’m going to attempt to describe working with Tide on a day-to-day basis. She loves taking photos in the morning and then edits and posts in the afternoons. She usually comes in and edits photos barefoot because she comes in after working in the garden. If she’s at her desk headphones are usually in listening to some really hippie like music. The probability of having some sort of garden tool or vegetable on her desk is pretty high. The banter between us is frequently comical, as we both love to listen to music while we work so most of the time when we try to get each others attention, there’s a lot of unnecessary yelling and throwing of objects.  Tide loves to take my tripod and then not collapse it, she also loves making cover photos for the Facebook page. We both hate the when the office door slams as it does shake us out of our media trance. I’ve loved working with this girl everyday and I wouldn’t of asked for a better partner.

Thank you Tide for the greatest summer and for being such a good friend. I’m going to miss having a desk beside you. Thank you for being there in the dull moments and the fun moments. You are truly a wonderful human being to be around.

– Stork.