Stork: Keeping Updated

By December 22, 2015Uncategorized

My role this summer was being Videographer for the camp. My job entails that I make videos for camp and keep the social media websites updated with new content everyday. I work on my partner in crime Tide, she’s the photographer and gardener for camp this year. I’ve made close to a dozen videos for the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  Youtube and the website. It’s been a wonderful experience being in charge of the social media. You get to watch how different people interact with camp which is really cool and eye opening because it shows you how much people want to stay connected with camp. I got the chance to work with all different sorts of equipment and people. Crash a good friend and alumni came to work on projects with me which is a great learning experience for me.

I am currently in school for Broadcasting at Niagara College which is Radio, Television and Film as the three main sections of the program. I’m heavily focused on the film aspect. Camp is using my talents and they have provided a job that benefits me, it’s truly a gift to do what I do.