Growing With Camp by Stork

Staff Members Shea and Stork with some campers posing on the lane infront of harmony house.

This is my fourth year that I’ve spent here on staff at Camp Kintail. It’s been truly a blessing to come here each year and work with the people that I do. This place has impacted me each summer in new ways with new experiences. I have grown immensely from my time spent here at camp, you don’t truly realize it until you start working with people out in the “real world”. I use my counselling techniques everyday while working as a team at school or on a job. I have grown with my faith this year more than any year, I jumped into this summer starving for a relationship with god. I’m coming out of this summer with a growing relationship with Christ. I ask for prayer as this journey will shape me and challenge me. Camp has been such a great stepping stone for me to take on the challenges of the world. It’s been a another great summer thank you for following along.



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