Static’s Guest Post – 2011 Themes

By October 5, 2011Uncategorized

Just a lovely recap of the themes that ran throughout the summer, going by camps was:

K1- Kintailympics- Helped Team Extreme realize that you don’t need to always win in order to have fun. Special meal included each cabin becoming a sports team and entering the lodge like the Olympic ceremonies. Olympic meal went really well!

K2-Mad Scientist- Realized Dr. Boris Van Der Hoff was a mad scientist bent on making everyone part of his mad experiments. Special day included getting the pieces of the broken control remote and putting it back together before the whole camp became his

K3- Mythical Creatures- Helped Winifred to make Humphrey the Hunter realize that it is not a good idea to catch all the
mythical creatures here at Camp Kintail but to let them roam wild and free.

K4-Christmas in July- This week we went on an adventure with the three wise men in order to get to the manger and bring their gifts for the baby Jesus. This theme was very cute with the sprouts, especially for the Christmas dinner.

K5- Superheroes- This was my time off, but from what Giraffe told me the theme, was really fun and all the family camp families really enjoyed the weekend especially the dress up meal where they got to dress up like their favourite superhero or a totally new superhero.

K6- Safari- For Day Camp there was actually two separate themes that ran this week. Both themes were however related to Safari, but for the sprout age group they helped Safari Sam become a Safari adventurer. For the juniors they helped Mountain Man Mike rescue and release the captured animals around camp.

K7- Battle Band of the Century- Great theme for Kintail Express, the campers really got into the theme as through the week they helped WWJD defeat The Canaanites, The Tenth Plague and Seven Deadly Sins.

K8- Sen Say- This week Sen Say came to teach the campers the different ways in order to obtain the Ultimate Christian
Peace. We learned the importance of being silent, the importance of having fun and how to enjoy the beautiful environment around us. We learned to care for each other.

K9- Surviving Kintail Island- Senior Co-Ed started off with looking for the missing piece of the airplane to take us off the Kintail Island, but by the end of the camp we realized we actually wanted to stay on the island and the week ended with a dance and fireworks. A great way to end the summer!
All in all I really hope all of you campers, or for the parents all of your children enjoyed their experiences here at camp this summer and I hope to see all there/your smiling faces next summer!