Stand-Up Paddleboards by Dorsal

By July 5, 2013Uncategorized

Hi everyone, Dorsal here!

Sports camp is underway and it’s so great to have kids back at camp.

This past spring the Kintail waterfront gained a great addition in the form of seven stand-up paddleboards as well as a few new kayaks. During the spring, staff enjoyed taking out the paddleboards on calm nights, and this week I got to lifeguard the VOKs (volunteers of Kintail) as they tried out the boards as well. It was great to see campers out on the paddleboards, and I think anyone that has tried them out can agree that there is no better way to experience a Lake Huron sunset.

I can’t wait to see all the campers down at the waterfront this summer, whether they’re down for polar dip, free swim or for a paddle.

Stay hydrated and sunscreened,

Kelly “Dorsal” MacIsaac

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  • Zack "Zenith" Sandor-Kerr says:

    That’s awesome! I’m so excited to hear about this–what a stellar addition to the waterfront / watercraft roster!

    I’m very impressed (and more than a little envious).

    How do they handle on wavy days?