Staff Share: What’s the best thing about working at Camp Kintail?

Staff members dressed in yellow chant, scream, and cheer enthusiastically at summer camp!

“The incredible connections you make and the feel good feeling you have 24/7.” – Calman

“Being surrounded by amazing people with the opportunity to be yourself in the best way.” – Berry

“Becoming part of a glorious camp family- and hobbit hunts!” – Tuulikki

Camp Kintail is an amazing place to spend your summer! Creating lasting memories, life-long friendships, and stronger relationships with God your summer camp experience will be one you never forget. We asked our staff what they love most about spending their summers at Kintail, here’s what they had to share!


Creating Community for All

“Getting to work with amazing people and making awesome memories!” – Thallium

“The community you gain, and keep once you’re done working there!” -Ciel

“Doing absolutely everything as a team and working/ living with some of your closest friends!” – Makani

“New experiences, amazing people, and learning new ways to spread God’s love!” -Nyx

“The friends you meet along the way and the amazing community!” – Sorrel

“The community!” – Orbit

A group of staff dressed in red and white with Canadian Maple leaf flags smiling, celebrating Canada's Day!

“Making new friends for life from all over the world!” – Goose

Making Lasting Connections

“Finding your lifelong best friends!” – Flounder

“Spending the summer hanging out with so many friends!” – Forest

“The sense of community and the connections you make with people you otherwise wouldn’t have met!” -Caldera

“Watching incredible friendships grow between campers!” – Lobster

“Being with campers.. When ya’ll vibe off each others energy there’s no better feeling.” -Axolotl

“Making so many friends and being part of an awesome community!” – Lettuce

Camp Kintail is a place for everyone. Whether your interests lie in health sciences, music, visual arts, conservation, or anything else under the sun there’s a spot for you here! Check out the employment opportunities page and make sure you get to experience a Kintail Summer of your own!

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