Staff Orientation

By May 3, 2010Staff, Special Events

This past weekend, for the first time this camping season, the 2010 Kintail Staff joined together to train, praise God and build community!  At Staff Orientation, staff who don’t know each other get to meet and interact, and we all work together to prepare for the summer and to work on projects for the site.  And of course, we play our favourite game – Bunko!!  What is Bunko, you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to become Kintail Staff to figure that out 🙂

Here are some pictures from the weekend.  For more, check out the Facebook Fan Page or the Flickr account!

Here’s the staff talking about the summer to come and how to be the best staff they can be!

The staff worked super hard to help clean the site and get it ready for our first rental groups in May!

And for every time we work hard, we play hard.