Staff Orientation

By April 19, 2014Uncategorized


In just a few days the 2014 Camp Kintail staff will gather for the first time.  From Friday, April 25 – Sunday, April 27th all of the staff will be at Kintail getting ready for the season ahead.  We will be playing together, including BUNKO (“best game ever”), and learning to trust each on the low ropes elements.  We will be cleaning up the site and getting it ready for the guests who will soon be arriving.  We will be learning together, reviewing Kintail’s GROW Philosophy, taking a WHMIS course, studying our FLASH (Faith, Learning, and Sharing) curriculum, and considering our denominations Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harassment Policy.  We will be worshipping together in the chapel and gathering around the Meadows campfire in the evenings.

This is a weekend that we all look forward to, as it makes the official beginning of the new season.  We are delighted to be welcoming such an accomplished and excited staff.  The staff who are in high school will be returning home for their last two months of school and the program staff will remain at camp for a week of Program Staff Training and then spring work.

Please pray for the staff as they begin their work and the season begins.  We are thrilled that the summer is almost here!