When Staff Give Back- #RallyForTheFinale

By June 7, 2016Uncategorized
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The staff at Camp Kintail can always be relied upon to support each other. 38 days ago, when 4 of our friends took off on a 40 day adventure hiking the Bruce Trail, we knew they would need all the support they could get from us. Some of us spent our days off meeting up with Stork, Pika, Shea, and Talus to hike just a small part of the trail with them. Even better, some of us have made an important sacrifice for their cause.

While the staff have been busy this Spring so far with school groups and retreats, the cause of the four hikers has not been forgotten. So, in an amazing show of selflessness, 20 members of Camp Kintail’s program staff have made donations to the campership fund by donating their pay for a number of days paid. The staff donated 1, 2, and even 4 days of pay to the cause.

This resulted in a whopping $998 contributed to the North to South Hike for Camperships.

Staff have also donated throughout the hike since April 30th, using the online campaign page at North to South Hike for Camperships. In addition, counselling staff have also been donating too. While they are not at camp yet, they still feel connected to our community enough to donate. This showing of generosity from the staff has been overwhelming and has contributed immensely towards the hike’s goal of $10,000. When we saw our friends sacrifice so much of their time and energy on such an amazing cause, we were moved to give what we could afford. Summer after summer we see so many children who come to camp thanks to financial support from camperships. We see how a week at camp is a transformative experience to these campers and how their lives are positively impacted from their time at Kintail.

The Camp Kintail staff of 2016 are a loving, caring, and passionate community of young people. This amazing act of generosity confirms this and we are forever grateful for their selflessness.

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