Staff Commissioning 2009

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On Saturday, we welcomed friends, family, campers, and alumni to the 80th Anniversary Celebrations, which included an Open House, Staff Commissioning, and Pig Roast. Throughout the day, close to 200 people came on site to enjoy the beautiful weather, see the changes on site, meet the staff, and eat a meal together. At the gate, Tinder, Guppy, and Pebbles welcomed everyone to Kintail!

The staff sang in the gazebo as cars were coming in.

The new entrances were a big hit!

Rosemary MacDonald had created new signs for around the site. This one is right as you enter Kintail.

The Celebration Tree Garden also received a new sign.

The staff sang throughout the service – including “All You Need is Love.”

Tree reprised the role of Jesus for a skit during Commissioning.

The Rev. Dr. Hugh Jones is the Moderator of the Synod of Southwestern and commissioned all the staff. He individually blessed each staff member in a very moving service.

We had several dedications following the service, which I will write about tomorrow.

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  • Tami says:

    I went to Kintail as a little girl back in the 1960s. I wish I had known about the Open House – would love to have seen the camp again after all these years!! I'll be paying attention now so I'll be sure to make it to the 90th anniversary celebration!
    Tami Wears