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Staff 2009

By February 21, 2009Uncategorized

We have been very busy at Camp Kintail over the last month hiring the staff of 2009! Each potential staff sends in an application, including a creative portion that explains why they would be a good staff member. Every applicant is interviewed by a team, and two references are called. All “Leading with Care” guidelines from the Presbyterian Church in Canada are followed. After careful deliberation, the staff are then scheduled and hired. We have a great team for 2009!

Introducing the program staff of 2009:
Shelagh “Flame” O’Neill – Assistant Director
Bethany Woods – Administrative Assistant
Oliver “Ocelot” Gaskin – Program Director
Lindsey “Quasar” Hoover – Specialty Counsellor
Laura “Monsoon” Johnson – Music and Drama
Jamie “Inferno” O’Neill – Adventure
Andrew “Sonic” McGill – Nature
Laura “Lunar” Chipman – Arts & Crafts
Liam “Wombat” Reilly – Watercraft
Hannah “Vapour” Graves – Camp Crafts
Graham “Solstice” Bracken – Out-tripping LIT Resource Counsellor
Heather “Flare” O’Neill – Out-tripping LIT Resource Counsellor
Meagan “Pacific” Down – Music & Art LIT Resource Counsellor
Scott “Wooly Mammoth” McGinnis – Music & Art Resource Counsellor
Phil “Cougar” Laliberte – Kitchen Manager

They are an amazing team who will provide great support to our incredible counsellors! Over the next couple of months, they will be “guest blogging” and giving a sneak peek into what they will be doing in the summer. Watch the main website for their bios and job descriptions.

The staff of 2008 during commissioning.