The Spring so far by Arctic

By May 13, 2016Uncategorized

Spring So Far

Hey everyone, Arctic here to talk about the excellent new things that have been happening around camp so far this spring! The garden is bigger than ever, we have an ever-increasing number of new wheelchair-accessible decks, and a group of staff have been under Echo’s tutelage to learn new high ropes facilitation skills. Most exciting though are the two new buildings that are adorning our site. We are in the finishing stages of building a high ropes/rock wall shelter with a large roofed deck and a three-room garden shed with space for chickens, garden tools and the lawnmower.

Working on these projects has been a great experience and I think that they demonstrate the ever-growing range of things that Camp Kintail has to offer. Additionally, these new changes have offered staff the chance to learn new skills and take as much from Kintail as we give. Over my past years working at camp I have accumulated enough hard skills to make repairs at my home church of New St. James in London and build new things like a giant teeter totter for a fundraising event at school. While this is one example that applies to me, there are so many new things that we learn here at the best job in the world and this spring has continued to be a shining example of what camp can do!