Spring Break Day Camp – April  12-16 2021

Registering for Spring Day Camp!

We’re excited to offer a spring break day camp with appropriate COVID safety protocols in place. Day camp registration is open for children ages 6-12. Cost includes a nutritious and kid-friendly hot lunch, and we have fruit available for snacks throughout the day! You are welcome to send additional snacks, though this is not required. Children will be in the same small cohort all week with the same leaders, we have limited spaces available so call with questions or register online now!

All dietary needs will be lovingly accommodated!

Pricing & Payments

We offer flexible pricing! The amount you select to pay in no way affects the programming or experience for your camper. Option C represents the true cost of coming for a week of Day Camp, but you are invited to select A or B if it helps to make camp more accessible for your family! Credit card information can be input when you register, and will be automatically processed on Friday April 9th.


 B  C
$235 $270


COVID-19 Protocols

Camp Kintail has large indoor spaces available for children to play games in and enjoy safely in the event of poor weather, and plenty of space outdoors to enjoy nature!  Masks will be worn indoors at all times, all Covid rules will be followed, social distancing will be monitored, bathrooms will be sanitized throughout the day and regular hand-washing will occur to ensure the safety of all of our staff and guests.  Children will be in the same small cohort all week with the same leaders. You can learn more about how we have safely hosted guests through COVID on our website here!

Dates, Drop-Off, Pick-Up

Monday April 12 – Friday April 16th





When you arrive at Camp parents will be asked to stay in the vehicle and a staff member will take down your attendance, screen your camper, and bring them to their cohort. Please stay in your vehicle and wear a mask. You must show I.D when picking up your child, please ensure friends or relatives who may be picking up your camper are listed on your “Authorized Pick-Up List” during the registration process and are prepared with photo I.D.


Contact the Camp with any questions or concerns you may have, or if you need assistance with the registration process. We can be reached at 519-529-7317 or you can e-mail [email protected]