Space Painting with Stork!

Hey everyone! Stork here with a post about some painting we did during K9! I have been waiting all summer to run this individual optional with campers. I love painting with spray paint! I thought I would show these young teens how to make really cool paintings of space. Kids and teens think that you have to have skill to make art. Art is for everyone who tries. I wanted to show them that all you need is a creative mind and some paint. The difference between using a paint brush and spray paint is immense. Spray paint is inaccurate and unfocused. Brushes take a delicate hand and time. I gave them the task of painting the night sky.

Painting with spray paint is a repeating process. First you make the planets by spraying a bunch of colours in a circle. This part of the process lets the campers be creative in making their own planet. Then the group takes lids of containers and cover those colourful circles isolating them from the rest of the paper. We covered the rest of the remaining white parts of the paper with black paint to create the night sky. After the black drys we take blues, purples and silver and spray certain sections of the paper to give the sky some colour and give a deep space effect.

Stars are the key to a good space painting. Creating stars is as easy as spraying paint into your hand and flicking your fingers at the paper.

This is a team painting so naturally to finish the painting we must reveal our planets all at once on the count of three. This is a really satisfying feeling, to see your campers faces light up as they have created something beautiful. Everyone voiced “Ooos” and “Ahhhs” as we lifted the planet lids. This was a very successful indie op for the campers and me. I’m so happy that this worked out and that they had a blast.

Until next time, “Live long and prosper”

– Stork