Who should participate in Sojourners?

Sojourners is great for young adults who are wondering what is next in their lives. This program is for folks who have finished school or are taking a break from school or are not sure what they would like to do for work. The Sojourners program is a chance for young adults to live and work at camp for eight months and engage in vocational discernment while living in community. Participants do not need any prior experience at Camp Kintail.

What will Sojourners do?

Sojourners will work at Kintail offering hospitality to guests, doing maintenance work, cleaning the site, programming for school groups, and participating in larger site projects. There will be weekly FLASH (Faith, Learning, and Sharing) sessions and monthly sessions related to vocation. These sessions will include resume writing, communication skills, and personality testing. Participants will get to experience the various aspects of life at Camp Kintail and take part in a trip to visit other camps in the area.

When does the program take place?

The program will run from September to April. Sojourner participants will be able to apply to be on the spring and summer staff. Lodging will be in the Nest, with shared bathrooms and excellent wifi. Food will be provided when catering is offered by the camp and a kitchen will be provided during the other times. Sojourners will be provided with a monthly stipend as well.

Where you’ll stay…

How to apply

Check back in for a detailed program outline as well as instructions for submitting your application! We are currently accepting applications for our 2022 summer staff and you can learn more about the available positions on our Employment Opportunities page.

Contact Reverend Theresa McDonald Lee with questions at [email protected]