Good food is a priority for us, as it is a big part of the warm Christian hospitality that we want everyone to experience while they are at Camp Kintail. Our chefs and kitchen staff work hard to provide lots of delicious, nutritious and safe food that everyone will enjoy.

Our kitchen and food procedures and options include:

  • Meals are served family style to the table or by buffet. There is always lots for seconds.
  • There is a vegetarian option prepared at every meal, as requested.
  • There is fresh fruit available on the kitchen counter at all times, for a snack or during a meal.
  • All special diets and allergies are accommodated with individual meal options prepared as needed. We do allow people to bring food for the kitchen to prepare if they want a certain brand or exact type of food prepared  (ie a specific brand of gluten free pasta).
  • Camp Kintail’s kitchen is nut aware and we do not prepare any food with peanuts or nut products. IMG_2819We ask that our guests not bring any nut products onto the camp’s property.
  • There is cold water served to the table at every meal. Milk is served at breakfast and dinner.
  • There is a juice machine that contains real juice options of orange, apple, cranberry, peach and grape juices, and drink options of lemonade and iced tea.
  • The chef prepares a menu that is based on your requests, and approved by you. We can accommodate almost any menu and food requests.
  • We try to use as much local product as possible, and will often suggest menu items that are in season. For example, cakes with fresh strawberries in June or fresh apple and pumpkin pie in the fall.
  • There is a dessert served at lunch and dinner.
  • Camp Kintail purchases good quality food, not the cheapest. As a not for profit camp, our goal is to provide a high quality nutritious food experience. For example, we only serve chicken fingers, nuggets or chicken burgers that are 100% white meat.
  • Camp Kintail tries to purchase local meat and produce when possible. All of our products come from farms and suppliers that are properly inspected and certified. We love when we can get local berries, or tomatoes, or meat, since we are surrounded by wonderful farms.
  • We are working on providing food that this fair traded.  For example, our coffee is organic and fairly traded.
  • Camp Kintail exceeds the health department standards and has three inspections from the Health Inspector each year. We keep a daily log of fridge and freezer temperatures, and the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. All food is properly stored in sealed containers, and labeled and dated.

Catering Prices (all prices are per person plus hst)

Breakfast: $5.00 (cold breakfast) or $7.00 (hot breakfast)
Lunch: $10.00
Dinner: $12.00
Snack: $2.00
Note: all meals include unlimited coffee, tea & juices that are self serve from the beverage hospitality station, and is generally open and stocked during your entire stay

We welcome any questions about our food products and procedures. We have some people that like to tour the kitchen or talk to the cook about their specific dietary needs. We welcome this as we love to show off the hard work of the kitchen staff and our facilities.

Most Common and Popular Food Options


  • pancakes and sausage
  • scrambled eggs, toast & bacon
  • french toast & sausage
  • egg mcmuffins with hashbrown patties
  • breakfast bake (quiche like) with home fries
  • Belgian waffles with strawberry sauce and whip cream
  • scrambled eggs with wraps, ham, onion and red pepper sauté, salsa & cheese
  • fresh muffins, cinnamon buns, tea biscuits, croissants yogurt, granola and hard boiled eggs are commonly served
  • there is oatmeal porridge prepared and cold cereal available at all breakfasts
  • milk is served at all breakfasts


  • perogies and Oktoberfest sausages with garden salad
  • meat tacos with hard and soft shells with Mexican rice and tortilla chips
  • home-made soup and sub sandwiches with 3 meat options
  • chicken quesadilla with sweet potato fries and garden salad
  • soup and grilled cheese sandwiches with veggie tray
  • home-made macaroni and cheddar cheese with salad and garlic toast
  • pulled pork on a bun with baked beans and cole slaw
  • chicken Caesar salad with soup, pita wedges & hummous
  • bbq hamburgers with pasta salad, chips, veggies and dip
  • wraps with greek chicken and greek salad, with taziki and hummous
  • deluxe nachos with onion rings, garden salad & veggie tray
  • enchilada casserole with nachos/salsa/guacamole & garden salad
  • chili with salad and garlic toast
  • back bacon on a bun, beans in tomato sauce, potato salad and green salad
  • stir fry with salad and bread
  • chicken wings & poutine with veggie tray & dip
  • sloppy joe, corn & buns
  • assorted cold cuts & sub buns, soup or chips, veggie tray
  • pitas with gyro meat, taziki, salad and/or soup
  • soup options commonly include chicken noodle, vegetable, beef, tomato, cream of cauliflower, roasted red pepper bisque, loaded baked potato, asiago cheese bisque


  • Ribs in house special bbq sauce, Kintail specialty, with garlic mashed potato, carrots & rolls
  • Steak, barbecued to order, baked potato & beans and assorted rolls
  • Roast beef with potato, hot veggie, & assorted rolls
  • Roast turkey with thanksgiving meal
  • Our famous lasagna with garlic bread & Caesar salad
  • Salmon, bbq or oven baked, dill & lemon or honey mustard glazed, with rice, veggie & rolls
  • Haddock or Halibut pan seared with a lemon butter sauce, chef specialty
  • Chicken breast 10 different ways
  • chicken burgers with French fries and veggie tray with dip
  • pizza casserole with Caesar salad and garlic bread
  • beef stew with potatoes and hot veggie and buns
  • pasta with olive oil and herbs with salad and buns
  • special recipe meat loaf with mashed potatoes, corn and bread
  • chicken nuggets with French fries and veggies with dip
  • spaghetti & meatballs with Caesar salad and garlic toast
  • salmon with rice and hot veggie and rolls
  • fettucine al fredo with Caesar salad and garlic toast
  • chicken curry with garden or spinach salad, naan bread & samosas
  • Greek seasoned chicken breast with potatoes or rice, taziki, greek salad, & pita with hummous
  • bbq pork chops with oven roasted potatoes, baked beans, hot carrots and assorted rolls
  • fish and chips, peas, and assorted rolls
  • Kintail pizzas, variety, with salad and garlic strips
  • oven baked ham, scalloped potatoes, peas and buns
  • fried rice, spring rolls, chicken balls, chow mein noodles, garden salad
  • chicken stew with tea biscuits & garden salad
  • chicken pot pie with garden salad and bread/rolls


  • fresh fruit (commonly bananas, apples, pears, grapes, watermelon or oranges)
  • cake with icing
  • ice cream, cone or bowl, many flavours to choose fromIMG_2818
  • popsicles
  • fresh cookies, many kinds made
  • ice cream sandwich
  • cupcakes with icing
  • brownies
  • cheesecake
  • canned fruit (commonly peaches, fruit cocktail or pears)
  • apple sauce
  • pudding
  • jello
  • s’mores
  • grasshopper pie


  • homemade cookies
  • pretzels
  • goldfish crackers
  • rice krispie squares
  • fresh fruit
  • marshmallows roasted at campfire
  • pogos
  • bits & bites
  • trail mix
  • s’mores
  • crackers and cheese
  • popcorn