Camp Kintail Catering

Food quantity and quality is our priority. Warm, fresh, and healthy food is what we want all of our guests to experience with their stay at Camp Kintail. Our professional kitchen staff provide nutritious and plentiful food for everyone to enjoy with always enough for seconds. We are happy to accommodate for any dietary restrictions upon request. When you want to take that delicious taste home, do not hesitate to ask how it is made – we love sharing our recipes!

Standard Meal Times

*Please Note: Times can be adjusted to suit your groups needs but additional fees may be applied

8:15AM Breakfast                   12:15PM Lunch                   5:30PM Dinner

Camp Kintail Catering Guide

Camp Kintail Food Gallery

Take a look at some of the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks that our Red Seal Chef has prepared for rental groups and weddings!

A hamburger with various toppings and sauces is on a plate with fruit and salads for sides. The plate is on a picnic table at summer camp.

Delicious BBQ and pasta salad!

Charcuterie board made up of meats and cheeses in on a wooden tray on the buffet.

Charcuterie board.

Pumpkin crisp is plated with vanilla ice cream on a picnic table with pumpkins and a cup of tea in the background.

Fresh pumpkin crisp for dessert!

Roast beef, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, white bread roll, and yorkshire pudding with gravy on a white dinner plate behind held under the white, outdoor tent on the patio at MacDonald Lodge.

Carved roast beef dinner.

Eggs Benedict breakfast with home fries also covered in hollandaise sauce on a white plate on a picnic table outside.

Eggs benny – a popular breakfast!

Fresh muffins are on a tray on the kitchen counter.

Afternoon snack of muffins.

Fresh kale salad from the summer camp garden is prepared in a bowl. A basket of bread is set next to it.

Fresh kale from the Kintail garden!

A plate is being held that has fish, french fries, peas, and a couple pickles.

Homemade Fish N’ Chips!

Fresh homemade pies are displayed on the kitchen counter.

Homemade pies!

A plate is made up with scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and pancakes, set out on a picnic table.

Breakfast time!

A guests hand is shown holding their plate of food along the buffet line.

Greek meal is a fan favourite.

Caprese skewers with balsamic drizzle on a circular tray sitting on a table that is dressed with a black and white checkered tablecloth.

Wonderful appetizers at Harmony!

Fruit and vegetable platters along with cheese and cracker platters are on trays on a buffet.

Fruit & Vegetable platter.

Butter chicken curry with samosas!

Pulled pork on a bun with a chickpea salad and taco chips is on a plate on a picnic table.

Pulled pork with chickpea salad.

A plate with eggs benedict is set on a picnic table with a glass of orange juice beside it, ready for a guest to enjoy eating.

Eggs benny with homemade salsa!

Spaghetti pasta with pesto, alfredo, and red sauce on a plate with caesar salad and garlic bread.

Delicious pasta and caesar salad.

Chocolate chip cookies are set out on the wooden cedar counter for guests to enjoy.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Freshly glazed cinnamon buns are on a tray on the kitchen counter.

Warm cinnamon buns!

Pumpkin scones on a white black that is on a picnic table beside a white mug and pumpkins.

Homemade pumpkin scones.

Two plates of turkey dinner made up with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables and cranberry sauce on a picnic table.

Turkey dinner.

Fresh seasonal fruit is placed in a watermelon carved basket on a tray on a buffet line with guests enjoying summer camp in the background.

Fresh fruit platter.

Overhead shot of cheesecake on plates that are dressed with strawberry drizzle, blueberries, and strawberries.

NY style cheesecake with berries.

Devilled eggs sitting on lettuce on a tray on a table dressed with a white tablecloth in MacDonald Lodge. Edison lights and various wedding guests sitting at tables can be seen in the background.

Devilled eggs.