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Sisters by Cayenne

By August 20, 2013Uncategorized


Hello all! Cayenne here, back from a day of Kintail on the Road! This week Okra, Snowdrop, and I travelled to Gale Presbyterian Church in Elmira for a fun filled week of KOTR.  For those of you who don’t know, Okra is my sister. I was really excited to be on the road with her this week, because it was my last full week with her before I move away to university. Camp has always been the place where we were the closest. Growing up we didn’t always get along at home, but whenever we came to camp we were automatically closer. Maybe it’s something in the Kintail water, or maybe it was the accepting atmosphere, but whatever the reason, we grew closer. But this past year we became much better friends. Ironically, right before I leave for school. So it’s amazing to get to spend this last week with her (and Snowdrop). Once again, the magic of camp has brought us closer together.