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Simcoe Kintail On The Road by Moringa

By October 11, 2012Uncategorized


During K8 I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Simcoe to run the Kintail on the Road program. Together Birch, Peridot and I took a typical day at camp to 45 children. We spent our day praising God through chapel, flash and singing. We became detectives searching for the kingdom of God. The campers were able to crack the clues to the kingdom before Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Clue could. We kept busy through sessions, prime time games and so many more fun activities. We even took a field trip to the local splash pad for an afternoon. Highlights of the week were singing songs with babo and creating glass birds. Volunteers came to the church and led the creation of the birds. They brought in clear glass birds and lots of colourful glass beads. The campers used a special glue to attach their beads. Thank You to all the amazing volunteers for helping to make the Kintail on the Road program so successful and fun!

Anita “Moringa” Young