Senior Co-ed – Surviving Kintail Island

By August 27, 2011Uncategorized

This week at Kintail our theme is Surviving Kintail Island! We are stranded on the island trying to find a way to be rescued. A few nights ago we played a game where we were trying to collect all of the pieces of our plane from around camp. Following our theme, last night for dinner we ate with random utensils and/or a random dish- anything that we could collect from the plane. Campers and staff had a blast trying to eat their spaghetti off of a square of tin foil or a tea saucer using only tongs or a big wooden spoon!  As we continue through the week we will be
meeting new characters from the island and playing lots of fun Primetime games, including a Sr. Co-Ed favourite: Mission Impossible! Campers can look forward to following maps to get to our meals around site one day, and having a tarp picnic!

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  • wilma molinaro says:

    Sounds like a great week…pass greetings on to my niece Sam and hope she is having a blast!!