Senior Co-Ed Photo Challenge

By September 10, 2009Uncategorized

The last campers of the summer went home a week ago and it is very quiet at Kintail now! Senior Co-ed was an incredible ten days and we loved all our campers. One of the special features of the week was a photo challenge. Each cabin had to get pictures of their cabin taken around camp with various staff members. One of the challenges was to take a “blog-worthy” photo and write a blog post. Two the cabins completed this challenge. Today, Hawthorn’s blog will be up, and tomorrow Maple’s post will be up. Enjoy!

Hey Ya’ll!
Let us girls of Hawthorn tell you something! So far this week we’ve done amazing things! Like stay on the wale watch for 7 minutes (Oooo ahhh), we decorated some of our clothes with fabric paint and a ton of more epic things. This week is just getting started, as for right now we’re gonna get our bake on making some cake and banana bread. Ym!

Peace! Hawthorn Ladies