School Overnight Trips

Camp Kintail is FANTASTIC choice for an overnight trip for your students! Staying overnight gives the students a chance to spend more time together and participate in more exciting activities. Camp wide games like Capture The Flag after supper, followed by a campfire and a snack with your friends are what make for great memories!

Student and Teacher Accommodations

Camp Kintail has 20+ comfortable cabin with full size single/single bunk beds for students to enjoy! All of our spacious cabins are insulated, have electricity, and have private change rooms. Shared bathroom facilities are no more than a 2 minute walk away. Our cabins are also equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, front and back doors, and cozy picnic tables out front to sit and relax at! As for teachers – we have a year round private cottage known as Feathers. Feathers has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and private back deck. You can also choose to stay in our retreat-style MacDonald Lodge bedrooms or hotel-style Nest bedrooms. For more information, please visit our Facilities page.

Stay as Long as You Would Like!

We have groups stay for two, three, four days, or more! You decide how long you would like to come to Camp Kintail for and we will work with you to create fantastic programming for your entire stay! All of the Activities that are available for a day trip are also available for overnight trips – you just get to do more of them! We are happy to discuss your needs and wants, and create a program to suit your goals for the trip and the number of students coming.  You are always welcome to come and have a tour of the site, meet the staff, and see the program options. Please e-mail [email protected] or call 519-529-7317 with any questions you might have and to book your class in while dates are available.

Benefits of Multiple Day Bookings

Campers participate in a low ropes element known as the zig-zag. One camper is elevated and is holding a wooden plank attempting to place it down while other campers provide nearby support in a position known as spotting.

Strengthen Team Building & Communication

A staff member named Lune is posing smiling alongside her six campers in a field at summer camp.

Staff are ALWAYS with the students (Teachers, you get to relax!)

A group of staff and campers are posing in front of a gazebo holding up their discs from disc golf programming at summer camp.

Participate in MORE fun activities!

Ten campers are running, smiling, and screaming across a field at summer camp.

The value of play.

Two campers sit next to one another on a picnic table at summer camp. One has their arm wrapped around the other, while the second camper is eating a slice of pizza.

More delicious Kintail catering to enjoy!

Four campers are smiling on a cabin deck with suitcases and pillows, ready for overnight summer camp!

From classrooms to cabins – the students will still be learning (we can customize sessions to match your curriculum stage!).

Four campers are smiling and laying on grass to the right, while two staff members known and Parsley and Jasper sit on the grass to the left beside them.

More time unplugged and outside.

A staff member named Aqua strikes a funny rock and roll pose alongside a group of campers at summer camp.

Develop confidence in oneself!

We’re Here All Year!

Camp Kintail is proud to offer comfortable accommodations and delicious catering – even in our winter months! Along with beautiful views of Lake Huron with renowned sunsets and spectacular ice displays, you will be able to cross-country ski, skate, and snowshoe across the spacious grounds. Review our winter program guide to learn more! As always, do not hesitate to ask us any questions – we’d be happy to help!

Check out our Winter Program Guide to see the new winter programming options offered at Camp Kintail! You can also look through our social media channels to see more photos of Kintail in the winter months!