Camp Kintail School Catering

Food quantity and quality is our priority. Warm, fresh, and healthy food is what we want all of our guests to experience with their stay at Camp Kintail. Our professional kitchen staff provide nutritious and plentiful food for everyone to enjoy with always enough for seconds. We are happy to accommodate for any dietary restrictions upon request. When you want to take that delicious taste home, do not hesitate to ask how it is made – we love sharing our recipes! Our food is guaranteed to give students the energy they need for their busy and exciting programming!

We have plentiful and spacious seating both inside the MacDonald Lodge with our round pine tables, or outdoors at our picnic tables. Does someone have dietary restrictions or is a “picky” eater? Camp Kintail can accommodate any dietary requests! If your student doesn’t prefer the meal, it is no trouble at all for us to make something they do enjoy – we ensure EVERYONE has something enjoyable to eat to fill them up! Whether you have your students pack their lunch or choose to have Camp Kintail cater, this is a fantastic time for students and staff to bond while they fill up on nutrients and relax, preparing them for the rest of the days adventure!

Standard Meal Times

8:15AM Breakfast                   12:15PM Lunch                   5:30PM Dinner

Camp Kintail will set a healthy and nutritious menu for your students while at Camp Kintail. Take a look through this catering guide to see the different types of meals that we serve!

Camp Kintail Catering Guide

Camp Kintail Food Gallery

Take a look at some of the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and snacks that our Red Seal Chef has prepared for our school groups!

A hamburger with various toppings and sauces is on a plate with fruit and salads for sides. The plate is on a picnic table at summer camp.

Delicious BBQ and pasta salad!

Fresh kale salad from the summer camp garden is prepared in a bowl. A basket of bread is set next to it.

Fresh kale from the Kintail garden!

Fresh salad and toppings such as cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, peppers, and raisins are in bowls on a buffet for guests to enjoy a delicious salad bar at summer camp.

Salad Bar available at Lunch and Dinner!

A group of campers are seating at a picnic table smiling, enjoying their meal at summer camp.

Dinner is always a fun time!

A plate is made up with scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and pancakes, set out on a picnic table.

Breakfast time!

A camp staff named Piglet is wearing a birthday hat and smiling while seated at a picnic table while staff and campers around her clap, smile, and sing happy birthday at summer camp.

We love to celebrate birthdays!

Hamburgers and miniature hot dogs are in buns on trays on the kitchen counter.

Yummy BBQ for lunch!

Fruit and vegetable platters along with cheese and cracker platters are on trays on a buffet.

Fruit and vegetable platter.

Someone's hand is holding a roasting stick in one hand and a freshly made s'more in the other.

Campfires are great for s’mores!

Chocolate chip cookies are set out on the wooden cedar counter for guests to enjoy.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Two campers sit next to one another on a picnic table at summer camp. One has their arm wrapped around the other, while the second camper is eating a slice of pizza.

Pizza is always a favourite!

Lasagna and caesar salad for dinner.