Camp Kintail Catering

Food quantity and quality is our priority. Warm, fresh, and healthy food is what we want all of our guests to experience with their stay at Camp Kintail. Our professional kitchen staff provide nutritious and plentiful food for everyone to enjoy with always enough for seconds. We are happy to accommodate for any dietary restrictions upon request. When you want to take that delicious taste home, do not hesitate to ask how it is made – we love sharing our recipes! Our food is guaranteed to give students the energy they need for their busy and exciting programming!

We have plentiful and spacious seating both inside the MacDonald Lodge with our round pine tables, or outdoors at our picnic tables. Does someone have dietary restrictions or is a “picky” eater? Camp Kintail can accommodate any dietary requests! If your students doesn’t prefer the meal, it is no trouble at all for us to make something they do enjoy – we ensure EVERYONE has something enjoyable to eat to fill them up! Whether you have your students pack their lunch or choose to have Camp Kintail cater, this is a fantastic time for students and staff to bond while they fill up on nutrients and relax, preparing them for the rest of the days adventure!

Standard Meal Times

8:15AM Breakfast                   12:15PM Lunch                   5:30PM Dinner

Camp Kintail Catering Guide