MacDonald Lodge

MacDonald Lodge is Camp Kintail’s largest building and is the first building you see when entering the site. It includes a large dining hall which can accommodate up to 250 people, as well as a large attached kitchen where the meals for your group are prepared. Behind the dining hall, MacDonald Lodge contains eight bedrooms, with room to sleep 3 – 4 people per room. Each room contains heat and windows for a comfortable sleep in any weather. There are two male and two female bathroom facilities in the building, which hold twelve toilets, two urinals and eighteen showers all together. There are also laundry facilities in MacDonald Lodge, which contain four washing machines and four dryers. Finally, MacDonald Lodge contains a furnished meeting room for small groups which includes a screen for presentation. We have lots of hot water!  MacDonald lodge is also a fantastic indoor space for activities with a group.

Harmony House

Harmony House is the original Lodge that has been restored. The main hall of this building, called MacKay Hall, includes an indoor and outdoor fireplace, as well as space to seat 50 people in chairs comfortably. MacKay Hall is an ideal place for games, singing, meetings, small workshops or for meal time for smaller groups. The opposite half of Harmony House contains a brand new kitchen, including a stove and refrigerator. The building includes 4 bathrooms: two upstairs including showers, and two downstairs. All of Harmony House contains electricity and hot water to ensure a comfortable stay.


Feathers is a beautiful retreat cabin where the teachers and volunteers that come with an overnight school group can get a good nights sleep while Camp Kintail staff stay with the students for the night.  It is equipped with kitchen, bathrooms, three bedrooms. a private porch and a comfortable living room.  Feathers is one of the favourite features for many of the adults that come with school groups.

The Recreation Hall

The Recreation Hall is found on the lower part of camp, near Harmony House and the beach. It contains a large indoor space ideal for games, indoor sports, meetings or active workshops. It also includes a low stage. The Recreation Hall can comfortably seat 100 people on the main floor, and an additional 20 people on the stage. This building contains electricity.

The Cabins

Camp Kintail contains a variety of different types of cabins to suit the size and needs of your group:

     Cabin Hill Cabins

These cabins are the largest of our sleeping accommodations. Located on the large playing field known as Cabin Hill, these cabins used for the majority of our overnight school trips. Each cabin contains 6 adult sized bunk beds, large windows and front and back doors. All together, these cabins can hold up to 120 people. These cabins have heat and hydro and there is a bathroom building on cabin hill.

     The L-Shaped Cabin

This cabin is also found on Cabin Hill and is unique to all other cabins on our camp site as it is divided into 3 rooms. The Tundra room accommodates 10 people, the Bonsai Room accommodates 10people, and the corner room accommodates 6 people. All rooms contain adult sized bunk beds.

     Tir-Na-Nog Cabins

These cabins are located behind the Feathers building near the front of camp. This individualized site contains two cabins and a private fire pit. The first cabin, Willow, includes accommodations for two in private rooms. The second cabin, Juniper, contains two divided sections with their own entrances. Each section can sleep 10 people. Both cabins contain adult sized bunk beds.

     Kumbayah Cabins

Like Tir-Na-Nog, these four cabins are found in a more private area of camp, on the Southwest side of the Camp Kintail site. All together these cabins can accommodate 28 people in adult size bunk beds. Kumbayah contains a private firepit.

In total our cabins can accommodate up to people 200 people. All of our cabins allow your group to enjoy a true camping experience!