Running the Lane by Talus

By January 8, 2013Uncategorized

Most mornings whenever I can, I go for a run to the end of the lane and back. I wake up at around seven o’clock and will myself out of bed to face the lane. It’s a chilly walk from the house to the gate for morning stretches, but when I’m there I feel ready for anything. The run itself is always a daunting task, its more than just physical strength that makes someone a successful runner. There is a mental part to each run. If that part cannot be mastered, then the physical part will fail. Running is all about willpower, and knowing what your body can endure.

To me, running is a way that I centre myself to face each day. I wouldn’t call running peaceful, for the most part it can be down right painful when your exhausted and each breath of air burns in your lungs. Yet to me there is a strange sort of peace that happens when you loose your worries in exercise. Running is setting goals and reaping the rewards when those goals are completed. It’s success at its simplest form.

For the most part I run to beat my own time, or to see how few songs it takes to get from one end of the lane to the other. I have learned to never judge your own skill against someone else’s performance, that’s a quick way to get discouraged and loose enthusiasm for something that you love.

I can’t wait to see you all at run the lane next year, have a blessed school year.