Run The Lane by Trillium

By April 17, 2014Uncategorized


It is not too early to begin training for Run The Lane!  On June 8th, we will be welcoming runners, walkers, stroller, wheelchair racers, and all others to Kintail to help raise funds for the Campership Fund.  This will be our third annual event and we are hoping to raise $10,000 for the Campership Fund.  Last year we had 70 participants and we would love some more for this fun event in 2014.

For the serious runners there is a 5km course country route around camp that finishes by running the lane.  There is also the 3km option of just running the lane.  There will also be a 1km option on the lane for children this year.  There are lots of folks cheering you along the way, as well are water stations, so the time passes quickly.  Every runner receives a t-shirt designed specifically for the event as well.  Following the Run, there is a barbeque dinner with lots of time for socializing.

For me, this is one of my favourite days at Camp.  My home congregation of Glencoe Presbyterian Church helped get me to camp each year and many other churches do the same.  Kintail’s Campership Fund allows many children to get to camp who might not be able to on their own.  At Run the Lane, many of the runners are Kintail camper and staff alumni who know what a week at camp can mean in a child’s life.  There is a sense that we are working together, to help children and families, even though most of the runners will never meet the children they are running for.  Run The Lane is a day when Camp is at it’s best, reaching out and supporting children, families, and the community.  We are sharing God’s love in a tangible way with our neighbours.

Won’t you come and run or walk with us this year?  All of the details and pledge forms are found here.  If you can’t attend the day but would like to sponser a runner, you can donate online here.