Rockwall Training with Special Guest: Kowari!

By May 13, 2010Outdoor Education

Not only does rockwall director sound cool, it IS cool!

Its official! Not only does camp Kintail have a fully functional rock wall but we also have ten fully trained staff members! Last weekend, myself, Vapor, Flame, Flare, Dune, Mercury, Crash, Guava, Axis and Lemur braved the elements and passed our certifications to be camp’s first ever elite rockwall team. Through rain, snow and gale force winds we learned to tie knots, use our to belay systems and how to run a successful rock wall program. Our instructor from Adventureworks!, Adam, was extremely helpful and taught us everything we needed to know. I must admit despite the snow and arctic temperatures the weekend was pretty boss. I myself have been attending Kintail since the ripe ol’ age of two, and had never imagined a rock wall at camp, but now it’s here I couldn’t imagine it any other way. The rock wall will create limitless opportunities for campers and staff alike.

Yesterday some of the trained staff, including myself, took Inferno and Almond to visit and test out the new wall, I am certain that if the campers enjoy climbing half as much as they do, the rockwall will be a HUGE success. Our little Almond is terrified of heights and she got more than half way up our 36 foot rock wall….Inferno on the other hand made it to the top on his first try. Needless to say it’s the effort that counts. Right?

I am unbelievably excited to be camp’s first ever rockwall director and I can’t wait for campers to arrive and get them up that wall! Unfortunately, that isn’t for another month and a half, so until then I guess we will just keep practicing our sweet skills and keep climbing!




All my love,

Jill “Kowari” Fergusson
Rockwall Director

(Photos courtesy of Brenden “Dune” Sherratt)