Do you notice anything different?  If you look closely through the trees, you will see the new climbing wall tower taking shape!  We had the chance to see the construction last week and it is looking amazing!  The Camp Board made the decision to install a three sided climbing wall tower.  Two of the sides will be for climbing, with various difficulty levels on the routes up the wall.  The third wall will be for rappelling.


The tower is to your left when you come in the camp gates in the far corner.  We will be able to watch the climbing from the Lodge.


This is a shot from the corner of Kumbayah.

If you look carefully, you will see that on one of the walls there is an overhang, and on the other there is an inverse incline.  This will add challenge and skill to the wall.  Campers will be able to try new challenges every year as they get older and stronger and are able to try a new level of difficulty.


We are very excited about opening the climbing wall in the spring of 2010.306