Returning to Camp Community by Foal

By August 10, 2018Uncategorized

One of the unique parts of camp is the feeling that your camp life can pause while you’re away from camp and resume as if you never left when you return. This is a feeling that campers get, and that the staff get when they return every spring or summer to start work at Camp Kintail again. I was a counsellor for two years and always thought it was so special that the community and friends you had at camp would always be right there for you again every year to pick back up where you had left off. I spent two summers away from working at camp and ended up volunteering for the last week of the summer in 2017. I was nervous to return thinking that things would have changed, but just like it does every time for me, camp was the same as I had left it. There are new additions of course, like the slingshot range, or new staff members, but the feeling of belonging and support has always and is always there. The experience I had during that week last summer was what convinced me to return to camp this year for another summer. Although things change such as new staff, or new buildings at camp, it will always be a home for you. 

Erin “Foal” Wilmering